Educational Consultant,

Workshop Facilitator 

& Author

Wayne Jones, M.Ed.,

has worked in education for over 35 years as a teacher, department head and principal, at both elementary and secondary levels. He brings this rich experience and a dry sense of
humour to presentations and workshops that will connect with parents and educators alike. Wayne is currently a Faculty Advisor with Nipissing University.


Wayne Jones is an experienced educator, having taught students from Kindergarten through secondary school as well as adult education. Wayne has been a principal in the Peel District School Board and is currently a faculty advisor for Nipissing University. He is also a Personality Dimensions® Level 2 facilitator, using this Canadian temperament assessment as the basis for many workshops and presentations. Wayne Jones co-authored (with wife Kate) “Great Parenting Skills for Navigating Your Kid’s Personality”. Wayne draws on over 30 years educational practice and numerous life experiences to enrich his writing and workshop presentations. A proud parent of two, with four grandchildren, he enjoys spending quality time with family; biking, hiking, running, and attending live arts productions. His passion for music and athletics fuels an active, healthy lifestyle.