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Behaviour and “Colour” Theory

Many of us are quite familiar with the colour designations (blue, gold, green and orange) of the four temperaments. When we overlay this with someone being an extravert or an introvert, you can see how the complexity increases. I recently discovered a source rich in articles and advice. Skila Brown submitted an article entitled “Raising an Introvert in an Extroverted World” in which she posits:

“Many of our introverted kids also suffer with shyness. Shyness in children is just as common as shyness in adults. In fact, some studies place shy people making up around 40% of the population. Shy parents may relate to their child’s quiet nature and know first-hand the anxiety they can feel. For a parent who identifies more with the extroverted population, a child who is withdrawn and timid can be a mystery.”

Many of us mask our shyness because we may be in jobs which require a stronger outward leaning to be successful. This takes effort and draws us out of our comfort zone. The same holds true in children when confronted with competitive games and some group activities. This stretching and growth can be temporarily beneficial, but the introverted child (and adult) needs recovery time to retreat to their safer space. Educators and parents need to be aware of this and make the necessary accommodations. The rewards will follow.

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