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Behaviour and Core Needs

I have been involved in education for decades and have seen how some trends gather traction because they are research-based, and others are one-hit wonders because they are not grounded in evidence from the field. Temperament-based parenting is an example of the former, while “baby dynamics” might fall into the latter definition. As a firm believer in the merits of temperament-based parenting, I also embrace the suggestions of experts who understand parents well, as their ideas can be incorporated by all four temperament groups. Such would be the case of linking temperament to Cheryl Brugman’s 6 core needs to understanding your children. Cheryl posits:

“Every human being, including ourselves and our children, have certain core needs that when met make us feel fulfilled. In addition to the three survival, or physical needs we all have (food, water, shelter), we also have 6 core emotional needs. Depending on how our children behave to have these needs met will determine the nature of the relationships they will have with others. These 6 core needs can be met by our children in either a resourceful or unresourceful manner. Our aim as parents is to guide and support our children to meet their most important needs in a resourceful way.”

To discover the 6 core needs and see what she means:

The Huffington Post has an interesting article which may help understand the temperament side of things.

Do you think the two approaches can co-exist and in fact, complement each other? I do. Your comments on this topic are much appreciated. Send your comments to

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