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Behaviour and Temperament

In a previous blog, I referenced Barbara Keogh’s research on temperament in education. According to similar research was conducted by Roy Martin, in Georgia.

“Roy Martin's work used teacher ratings of temperament and correlated them with classroom behavior and achievement scores. He found that low persistence, high activity and high distractibility was negatively related to achievement in reading and math in first graders, and that Task Orientation as a factor was more strongly related to academic achievement in 5th graders than first grade achievement scores. Thus the manner of addressing classroom work appeared to outweigh the impact of actual school related performance!”

Again, something educators should ponder as they prepare lesson content and delivery, as well as their learning environment. We all know that kids learn in different ways and differentiated instruction has been around for quite a while now. The question may be – “how are we differentiating?” The increasing use of technology in its myriad variations may be one approach, but certainly not the only one to be considered. The heart of all lesson design and delivery should be the receiver – the student! Wayne Jones – Educational Consultant offers a teacher-focussed presentation entitled “Class Act: Building a “Colourful” Team”, in which these ideas are explored in more depth.

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