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Behavioural Individuality in the Classroom

I recently came upon a website that stressed the need for understanding personality and behavioural individuality. The applications to education and pedagogy should be obvious, but they are often overlooked or dismissed as not rooted in sufficient research. I have found quite the opposite to be true. There is a plethora of research supporting the use of temperament theory in communication, team building, leadership, sales and education. The understanding of temperament and its application to the classroom setting can yield big dividends for the savvy educator, and by extension, to the adroit administrator (whose “classroom” is the whole school). There are a number of temperament assessments, but the one which I prefer to use is Personality DimensionsÆ (PD), in which folks are sorted into four categories (using a color analogy), based on strengths, as well as by their energy source (Introvert/Extravert).

The most successful teachers today are those whose classrooms reflect differentiated instruction – teaching to the strengths of different groups of children, and even individual students. Teachers who use multiple methods of instruction reach students in a variety of ways and keep lessons stimulating. Those who include much interaction and hands-on learning increase their success rates in motivating kids and increasing test scores.

Definitely food for thought. Have a “colorful” day!

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