Book: Great Parenting Skills for Navigating Your Kid's Personality

Book: Great Parenting Skills for Navigating Your Kid's Personality

Do you sometimes wonder if your child stays up at night trying to figure out how to drive you crazy? Or do you sometimes ask the question, “Why can’t he/she be more like me?”


This book guides you through an exploration of the four temperaments, including a discovery of your own personal type and your parenting preferences. The book is designed as a parenting Roadmap in which you will learn effective parenting techniques geared to your child’s specific behavioural pattern, while promoting positive self-esteem in each child. It supports the notion that every child has the potential to be unlocked.


The book identifies stresses and challenges that face each temperament. You will explore how your respective journeys mesh and how you can better detect potential pitfalls. As you work to smooth out these bumps you will learn to crack the code of your child’s unique personality. In addition, the four temperaments learn differently and so require specific environments at home and school to prosper. Parents will find ways to encourage learning and cooperation so that homework wars can be a thing of the past!


Great Parenting Skills (GPS) appeal is strengthened by its theoretical, practical and experiential foundations, resulting in payoffs:


  • Discovering kids’ strengths, while understanding their limitations
  • Better communication with your kids
  • Less conflict and better relationships with your kids
  • Stronger families
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