Workshops for Parents, Staff and Students

Parent Workshop 1:

GPS for Navigating Your Kid’s Personality

This introductory temperament workshop guides participants through a basic exploration of the four “colourful” personality groups, including a discovery of their own personality type. Parents will then learn how to work more effectively with their respective offspring’s specific strengths and challenges, to build stronger family bonds.

60 - 90 minutes

Parent Workshop 2:

Understanding My Kid’s Behaviour

(elementary schools)

Understanding My Teen’s Behaviour

(middle schools and secondary schools)

This presentation, focussing on behaviour, guides participants through an exploration of the four temperament types, with a discovery of their own type as well as their parenting preference. They will then focus on their child’s specific behavioural patterns, while developing strategies to promote positiveself esteem, confidence and resiliency in each child.

60 - 90 minutes

Parent Workshop 3:

Surviving Your Adolescents: How to Manage and Let Go of
Your 13-18 Year Olds

(middle schools and secondary schools)

Participants will learn how to deal with “The Snub”, what is “normal” adolescence, teens and risk, and
establishing “house rules”. The presentation is based on proven teen parenting principles developed by Dr.
Thomas Phelan (author of 1-2-3 Magic). 90 – 120 minutes

Student Workshop:



Every student is unique in so many ways, including behaviour, temperament and personality. Your students will
gain an increased awareness of their own personality strengths so that they can more effectively understand
others, to communicate, work and play better in team settings. This interactive workshop is for students from
grade 5 through high school. Flexible formats (small/large groups and settings) are available.

60 – 120 minutes

Staff Workshop:

CLASS ACT – Building a “Colourful” Team

It's not the differences in people that cause the problems; it's how those differences are viewed and managed. This user-friendly workshop is based on the Canadian temperament assessment, Personality Dimensions. Participants have an opportunity to self assess to determine their strengths and how to work well together in this fun, informative and experiential session.

90 minutes – 3 hours – full day

Custom Designed Workshops: 

Available on request

Call Wayne Jones today to discuss having a workshop developed that will address the unique needs
of your location and personnel. You may wish to explore, in depth, topics such as communication,
conflict, team building, stress management, work/life balance etc., as they relate to temperament and

Wayne Jones M.ED.

Wayne has worked in education for over 35 years as a teacher, department
head and principal, at both elementary and secondary levels. He brings this rich experience and a dry sense of humour to presentations and workshops that will connect with parents and educators alike. Wayne is currently a Faculty Advisor with Nipissing University.


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